Our Services

OUR Services
Super Kill provides professional pest control services since 1995. We deal effectively with both residential and commercial pest control requirements. We use eco-friendly products from top brands including Novartis, Bayer, ICL, and Dow Elanco which are approved by World health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and registered in the Environment Protection Agency (E.P.A). We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes and their business.
General Pest control

General pest control services include the control of common pest species like rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, invertebrates, plant and timber pest, feral cats and dogs. The area of treatment varies upon where the insects infested like villas, apartments, palaces, compounds, offices, food processing plants, warehouses, factories and so on. Wherever the problem, we have a correct and professional solution to offer.

termite control

Subterranean termites are a major potential threat to all premises. Our services can be either curative or a preventative. The most common practice is the preventive treatment to protect the premises before construction. The application of the treatment requires high technical expertise with sufferance to pressure spraying , dosage rates, pressure of injection , timing etc. Super kill has the expertise, the experience and uses up to date techniques. We issue a Guarantee Certificate usually 5 years for remedial treatment and 10 years for site pre-treatment depending on the local conditions. Hundreds of such certificates were issued giving our clients confidence and security and ensure you our level of professionalism.


Mice and rats are the main source of food poising bacteria and can carry other diseases. Black rats are the most dangerous but they are rare. The Brown rats can be found mostly in city sewers and warehouses.

They may feed on grains, vegetables, fruits and even candies and soaps. They carry diseases such as leptospiriosis or wells diseases which is caused by leptospairs bacteria found in rats urine. They ca also damaged electrical cables and similar materials.

Gardens &PARKS

The Garden services provide a regular maintenance to gardens which include irrigation, trimming, pruning, cutting lawns, fertilizing, plant protection and replacement of plants and flower beds.

Upon request, we will design your garden suggesting suitable plants to give a nice look and your garden will be visited our agricultural engineers at random. The quantity of fertilizer, soil, water and other needed thing like insecticides will be suggested by our engineers.

We further offers professional plant protection services for plants infested and or damaged by insects and fungus diseases. The service is available for  a single trees as well as for entire areas. 

bird control

While most birds are protected, Some birds are considered nuisance pests and need some efforts to control them. There are many method and procedures used to control birds. Among these procedures is to remove food sources , nesting sites, removing and keeping bins and rubbish bags are kept closed.


Fumigation is a very delicate and complicated process that can be implemented by experienced technicians.

The process is based on insecticide chemical  having natural features. The fumigation of vaporization treatment is very ideal for pest control in stores and warehouses.

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