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OUR Services


Superkill has provided professional pest control services since 1993. We effectively deal with residential and commercial pest control requirements and use environmentally friendly products from the best commercial brands registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) , the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , and the World Health Organization(WHO).

At Superkill, we always work hard to serve our customers’ needs effectively in order to protect their most important investments: their homes and businesses.

General Pest control

General control includes dealing with common pests such as mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, invertebrates, plant insects, wood insects, cats and stray dogs. The places targeted for treatment vary according to the presence of the pests, and whether they are villas, apartments, palaces, residential complexes, offices, food production sites, stores or other buildings. Whatever the problem, we have the best solutions with the best treatment methods which do not affect the environment.

We provide our customers with the maximum possible pest-free environment for their premises. The treatment depends on the client’s requirements, such as combating cockroaches in a home or food outlet.

This service is available as a long-term or a one-time contract.

termite control

Termites living underground pose a potential danger to all structures. We provide preventive or curative services. The preventive service is the best way to protect facilities, before construction takes place. Doing this treatment requires technical skills such as determining the pressure needed for spraying, the amount of spray required, the pressure needed for injection, timing, and other factors. Superkill definitely has all the skills, experience and latest methods to carry out all these services.

We provide our customers with a five-year guarantee certificate after the completion of treatment for an affected facility, and a ten-year guarantee for the work of termite control from the time preventive treatment is applied to a facility, depending on the nature of the place. We have issued hundreds of certificates to our clients to give them confidence, ensure them of safety and to prove our level of professionalism.


Mice and rats are a major source of bacteria that cause food poisoning and can carry other diseases. Black mice are the most dangerous, but they are rare. Brown mice can be found mostly in urban sewers and warehouses.

Mice and rats feed on grains, vegetables, fruits, and even candy, wax and soap. Rats can also carry diseases caused by the leptospira bacteria in their urine. Mice and rats also pose a danger to electrical wires, cables and similar materials.

Gardens &PARKS

Superkill also provides all garden maintenance services on a regular basis, including irrigation, pruning, weed removal, fertilization, plant protection, and replacement of plant and flower beds.

We can also, according to your request, design gardens and suggest plants to showcase your garden to its optimum, and our specialized agricultural engineer will make regular visits to check on your garden and offer recommendations about the amount of fertilizer, type of soil, appropriate watering and other requirements.

We also have a garden protection service in case of insect or fungus infection. The service is available either for a single tree or for an entire region.

bird control

While most birds are protected, some wild birds are a nuisance and some effort needs be made to control them. Various techniques are used to overcome this problem, including warning, expulsion, intimidation, removal of food sources and nesting sites, and removal of garbage bins and bags or keeping them closed.


We use this method when traditional pest control is difficult or because time is an important factor for the customer, such as in the case of rodent infestation of an aircraft.

This method of treatment is very ideal for pest control in stores and warehouses.

Our experience provides us with the ability to provide the best, safest and most rapid services in this field.

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